About me

Both my nickname xexxa(inspired by χ, voiceless uvular fricative, in IPA) and real name Gegga are pronounced the same way (xexxa.flac). But pronounce it however you want :)

I'm 38 years old, lives in Stockholm, works as a backend developer, genderqueer, happily discusses religion/politics, loves free speach (no exceptions!) and I don't care enough to have an preferred gender pronoun, use whatever you want! That was a bit about me.



Texts that can be used as reference while working on fonts

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My wishlist for FontEditor

Flipping and rotatingA lot of glyphs are mirrored or turned 90 / 180 / 270 versions of other glyphs and these has to be redrawn now.Thanks @BenWiederhake
Copy as CharacterIt would be nice to copy a unicode character from inside the Font Editor. Because it is a pain to write unicode characters in serenityOS and sometimes I want to test a few glyphs in Text Editor for example.Thanks @BenWiederhake
Make KaticaRegular10 widerIt would help to have a bit more width in Katica 10 then 7 px, that would help with a lot of glyphs in a lot of scripts. Andreas seemed positive.Approval by @awesomekling
Help by @BenWiederhake
PR @Xexxa
Option to hide all empty cellsIt would be easier to make sure the style is consistent in different ranges.
Option to toggle paste behaviourAdd a toggle for the behaviour in commit 186018a832d997e60d0cc87ca1a53e21d6ffb46d
Import glyphsa huge improvement would be to import glyphs from one font to another, that would kinda solve merge conflicts in the font file. My personal workflow: I basically has one .font per unicode-block, and when it is done I pull the latest Katica Regular and copy the glyphs one by one.
Create new glyphFor proportional fonts a button & shortcut that creates a {max-width} glyph would help (because a few scripts has a lot of wide glyphs.
Count non-empty glyphsWould be nice to know ;-)